Hacker admits AT&T iPad data theft

A 26 year old man has put his hand up to violating the inner sanctum of Apple’s AT&T chum and stealing the email addresses and personal information belonging to 120,000 Apple iPad subscribers.

According to AFP Daniel Spitler, of San Francisco, put his hand up to one charge of conspiracy to gain unauthorised access to computers connected to the internet and one count of identity theft.

Each charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and we will hear about the sentencing in late September.

Unfortunately for Spitler other hackers appear to have since raised the stakes and it looks like the authorities need a public execution to send a message that hacking is not a good idea.

A US attorney, Paul Fishman, told AFP that with the other high profile hacking cases doing the rounds, namely by Anonymous and LulzSec, the guilty please is a “timely reminder of the consequences of treating criminal activity as a competitive sport.”

Spitler was a member of Goatse Security, which attacked AT&T servers and obtained email addresses and other personal information of around 120,000 iPad subscribers to AT&T’s 3G service.

They got the email addresses of a number of high-profile Apple fanboys including US business leaders, politicians and military folk.

Goatse used code called an “iPad 3G Account Slurper” to obtain the number used to identify a subscriber on AT&T’s network known as the ICC ID, which stands for integrated circuit card identifier.

Following the attack, AT&T changed its system which automatically linked an iPad 3G user’s email address to their ICC ID.