Hacked Facebook account invites 4,000 to house party

It is every parent’s worst nightmare, you allow your kid to have a house party only to return to see thousands of youngsters have overrun the place, stealing your lovely bottle of vintage port, spraying graffiti and urine on the walls and copulating on your bed.

This was the situation faced by a father in Brisbane after he was informed by police that his son’s Facebook account had been hacked and 4,000 whippersnappers were invited to a shindig at his house.

Apparently the boy realised that a party had been posted on the site, with the number quickly rising towards the 4,000 mark, leaving TechEye a bit miffed that it missed the boat.

“The first thing I thought of was, ‘how am I going to be able to control this’, because the numbers of people coming just kept climbing, it was crazy,” the father said in a statement.

“This is a real eye-opener for us. We immediately posted online that the party has been cancelled and the account had been hacked.”

Brisbane police were apparently informed via Twitter that the massive party would be occurring and told the father, before issuing a warning over security issues on social networking sites.

Superintendent Jim Keogh ensured that police would be on hand to act as bouncers should anyone still attempt to turn up with a six pack of Castlemaine XXXX under their arm looking for some action.

“We’re now seeing hackers promoting a party via social media that could have potentially seen thousands of people arrive at the residence and the occupant of the address being completely unaware until the event,” he said.

“Anyone planning on attending the party advertised on Facebook at a private residence in South Brisbane should make other arrangements,” Keogh said.