Greece ordered to clamp down on pirates

Big Content, which is not helping Greece sort out its major financial problems, has taken a court action forcing the country to waste money on a crack down on internet piracy.

The logic appears to be that when you have huge numbers of people fighting over rubbish bins and Neo-nazis, such as the Golden Dawn, promising you that you will be great again if you get rid of Jews and immigrants, it is much better that you focus on the needs of the movie and music studios.

Greek ISPs have been told by the courts that they must spend money to set up filtering systems to prevent user access to websites which have pirated content.

The decision comes after other EU states blocked access to the Pirate Bay and is a result of Big Content placing a complaint in the Athens First Instance Court.

According to News in Greece, the court accepted Big Content’s request that Greek ISPs take technical measures to “make it impossible” to access piracy sites.

It is not clear what measures would make it impossible other than the ISP actually shutting down. All it would take is for Big Content to notice that Greeks are using proxy servers and the ISP could be in serious trouble.