Great Firewall of China inventor gets shoed

A Chinese student is in hot water after he flung a shoe at the honourable inventor of the Great Firewall of China.

According to AFP Fang Binxing was giving a talk on the merits of internet oppression at Wuhan University when an unnamed student stood up and flung a shoe at him.

Other students apparently pitched a few eggs at Fang but missed.

The accurate shoe thrower identified himself online only as “hanunyi” posted Hanunyi” and posted a live account of the alleged shoe toss on his Twitter page, including photos of the door to the lecture hall where it happened, a hand clutching an egg in preparation and bare feet after he fled.

“The egg missed the target. The first shoe hit the target. The second shoe was blocked by a man and a woman,” he wrote.

Apparently he is still at large, as coppers have not found him yet to discuss the matter.

But his protest has been hailed by web users in posts that were swiftly deleted by authorities under the very system that Fang designed.

Fang has been getting a lot of abuse lately after he opened a microblog account on web portal, which operates a tightly-managed Twitter clone.

He had to shut it down after a couple of days because he got so many bad comments.

His name has been blocked from Internet searches in China since he was shouted off

Fang takes it all in his stride. He told one newspaper that he had endured all sorts of dirty abuse as “a sacrifice for his country”.

He thinks that the Great Firewall as an urgent necessity and said the censorship technology should be strengthened.

Famously comparing web controls to traffic rules, he said that citizens should just deal with what they have.