Governments must recruit underground for cyber security

The Indian government will continue to be attacked until officials begin to recruit hackers from the underground, a cyber security specialist has said. 

Speaking to TechEye, our source, under anonymity, said: “As wars and disputes rage, the underworld gains geniuses while countries and corporations gain those willing to work and come from universities  – as opposed to ‘home grown’ hacking communities – get menial wages and be above board.” 

The claims come as 112 websites, including those belonging to the Planning Commission and The Finance Ministry, were hacked over the past three months.

In December the website of official Bharat Sanchar Nigam was hacked by the H4tr!ck’ hacking group, while the websites of finance, health, human resource development ministries were also sent offline. Last year the Central Bureau of Investigation website was down for weeks after it was hacked and defaced by a group calling themselves the “Pakistani Cyber Army.”

Others hacked were state government sites including those of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, to name a few. 

The government has now said that its Department of Information Technology and the National Informatics Centre have been working and learning new skills in a bid to combat these hackers and prevent them from defacing and sending the government sites offline. 

However, according to a security expert, they need to look underground if they really want to combat these problems. 

“Cyber wars are nothing new and go hand in hand when there’s a dispute between either corporations and countries,” he said. “China has been fighting and dare I say, laughing at it’s rivals using this type of attack for years. And now others have woken up to the fact that you don’t need to declare a physical war to get one over. 

“This Indian hacking story is a fine example of an underground attack by rivals in Pakistan, and shows that the hackers involved are far smarter than the Indian government’s whizz kids, which have taken previous measures to tighten up the security of their sites and networks.”

The source said it’s yet another example of how employed cyber security experts cannot measure up to those working underground.

According to our source, governments need to recruit from the same communities that are hacking them. Only then will they be in the same league, and “this is something all countries should consider”.