Google users' passwords breached

The hack attack on Google last year led to its security system being compromised with the crooks getting access to key software used to check peoples’ identities.

That’s according to the Wall Street Journal, quoting a person that knows – code for an insider at Google.

The report said that the hackers had gained entry to sensitive software that authenticated Gmail and other unnamed programs. This is a different tale to Google’s take on the matter. It appeared to blame people working for the Chinese government and put a human rights twist on the hack.

That subsequently led to the mother and father of all rows – with Chinese government officials claiming that Google was merely a tool of United States imperialism.

Google also said then that only Gmail was compromised by the hack but the Journal now reckons that the hackers accessed a Google workstation and breached its password management system, known as Gaia.

A number of other multinationals were also hacked at the same time but they’ve been keeping their heads way below the parapet. The Journal is here (password required).