Google, Oracle overtake Microsoft in reported vulnerabilities

According to the latest quarterly threat report from Trend Micro, Google is now the biggest culprit for reported vulnerabilities, beating Microsoft by two places.

Although Bill Gates’ baby still gets all of the flak for resembling Swiss cheese, actually Google and in particular Android is more of a worry. For the quarter, and thanks to vulnerabilities in Chrome, Google had 82 reported holes.

Oracle was second with 63 vulnerabilities, and Microsoft was third with 58 in the report. 

Trend Micro’s report, the company says, notes a change in cyber crime tactics – with a trend towards targeted attacks against large enterprises and governments.  

An example is the LURID downloader, which pinched confidential data from over 60 countries. Trend says the key to its success was down to the criminals focusing their attacks geographically.

Attackers also continue to target at social media users.

For example, the company spotted a scam page which looked a lot like Google+ invites but actually put users in harm’s way.

LinkedIn was attacked too, though strangely for the business network, the successful campaign was with the promise of a Justin Bieber video.