Google buys German insecurity outfit Zynamics

Google seems to be keeping its eye on security, with the news that the company has splashed its cash on Zynamics.

The German security company was set up by security expert Thomas Dullien, or “Halvar Flake,” in the hacking community. It develops and distributes programs as BinDiff, BinNavi and VxClass, which help companies to analyse malicious codes and software and prevent attacks.

However, details are sparse. The Zynamics website merely tells us: “We’re pleased to announce that zynamics has been acquired by Google! If you’re an existing customer and do not receive our email announcement within the next 48 hours, please contact us at”

Dullien himself is also no help, telling fans that he had no idea that this was going to happen. He tells readers in his blog: “The company that produces your favourite security researchers’ favourite tools has been acquired by Google. You, dear reader, have every right to be surprised; we ourselves are still recovering from the happy surprise.”