Germany warns about Apple gear

The former Holy Roman Empire has warned against gear made by the Holier than Thou Steve Jobs saying it is too insecure for the sons and daughters of the Fatherland to use.

The Federal Office for Information Security has backed a report from insecurity outfits Symantec , Lookout and Vupen attacking the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for having serious security problems.

Rulings from the agency carry some weight in Germany and its declaration against Internet Explorer was responsible for the wholesale dumping of the browser in favour of Firefox.

Apple’s iOS operating system has “two critical weak points for which no patch exists” the agency said.

The first involves opening a manipulated website or a PDF file which allows criminals to spy on passwords, planners, photos, text messages, emails, and listen in to phone conversations.

The agency said that potential attackers can gain access to the complete system, including administrator rights.

The spokesman for Apple in Germany, Georg Albrecht, told The Associated Press that the company is looking into the matter.

In a statement, the German agency said that it has to be expected that hackers will soon use the weak spots for attacks. It is particularly worried that very stupid companies that introduced Apple gear to their network under pressure from Apple fanboys in the company might be handing over industrial secrets to the world+dog.

A spokeswoman for the agency, Katrin Alberts, said that the security loophole became obvious after reports about a successful hacking of Apple’s iOS operating system emerged.

She said that it was not Adobe’s fault, but Apple’s internal application for opening those files on its iOS devices.

The federal agency, based in Bonn, said it was in contact with Apple on the issue. The warning relates to iPhones using iOS versions 3.1.2-4.0.1., iPads using iOS 3.2-3.2.1 and any iPod Touch using iOS 3.1.2.-4.0.

It has been an article of Apple faith that malware only happens to Windows users and that operating systems designed by Jobs’ Mob are protected by an aura of genius. As it turns out, there is little or no security and the entire strategy depends on its operating systems never getting popular enough for any one to want to attack it.

That has changed now that the iPhone has done rather well.