Germany urges users to ditch Internet Explorer

History has repeated itself as the German government, famous for giving Firefox a leg up a few years ago, has told users to abandon Internet Explorer for something safer.

According to NDTV, the German government has told the Great Unwashed that they should temporarily stop using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer following the discovery of a yet-to-be repaired bug in the web browser that the software maker said makes PCs vulnerable to attack by hackers.

The flaw, which allows a zero day attack to be carried out on machines using IE9, surfaced over the weekend.

The German Federal Office for Information Security, or BSI, said that it was aware of targeted attacks and all that was needed was to lure web surfers to a website where hackers had planted malicious software that exploited the IE bug to infect their PCs.

It announced that a fast spreading of the code has to be feared and has called on all users of Internet Explorer to use an alternative browser until the manufacturer has released a security update.

Microsoft has not said a word yet.

Vole urged customers to install a piece of security software as an interim measure, buying it time to fix the bug and release a new, more secure version of Internet Exploder. However, this fix, which involves uses the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit which is widely seen as too complicated and probably would not work for most users.

Until Germany said no, Internet Explorer was the world’s second-most widely used browser with about 33 percent market share.