Germany claims Chrome most secure browser

Germany’s state security experts have recommended that Windows 7 users run Google’s Chrome browser.

In a security best practices guideline, Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security, known by its German initials of BSI, said Chrome was the best browser.

In its published advice, the BSI said that since the browser is the key component for the use of services on the Web, it is the main target for cyber-attacks.

It said that using Google Chrome in conjunction with other measures you can significantly reduce the risk of a successful IT attack.

The report cited Chrome’s anti-exploit sandbox technology for special praise. This technology isolates the browser from the operating system and the rest of the computer. It also liked Chrome’s update mechanism and method of bundling Adobe Flash,

The BSI has a lot of clout. Two years ago it told Germans to stop using Internet Exploder and switch to Firefox. That move was credited with wiping out IE’s dominence in the EU.

BSI also recommended Adobe Reader X because of its sandbox system and urged citizens to use Windows’ Auto Update feature to keep their PCs up to date with OS security fixes.

It also gave the nod to Secunia’s Personal Software Inspector (PSI), a free utility that scan a computer for outdated software and points users to appropriate downloads.

At the moment Chrome has only 14.3 percent of all browsers used in Germany, while Firefox has 51 percent and IE accounts for 24.8 percent.