Gawker claims 4Chan attacked it

Media gossip blog Gawker claims that it is being persecuted by a group of hackers after it penned a nasty yarn about it.

The site was down today after attacking the’s message board dubbing it the “Internet’s Scariest Hive Mind”.

Gawker blamed 4chan for bullying 11-year-old foul mouthed girl “Jessi Slaughter”. The girl gained 15 minutes of fame swearing into a YouTube Vlog who is now believed to be under police protection after getting death threats.

Her last Vlog showed her apoplectic father’s “epic rant” at the internet telling it: “You Dun Goofed Up” for the cyber-harassment of his daughter.

Gawker’s Adrian Chen decided to wade in on the side of Slaughter and her verbally challenged dad claiming that the internet “Beat Up an 11-Year-Old Girl”. He laid the blame at 4Chan because it is a convenient target for those who like to believe it is a hacker site.

On Monday, Gawker reported that its tech team noticed issues around noon ET, and took measures to prevent outside attacks on its site.  

The first wave of attacks didn’t go anywhere and a discussion on the 4chan /b/ board moaned that its “admin was laughing at /b/.” A second wave proved more fruitful and Adrian Chen, author of the “Jessi Slaughter” piece, seemed to be the target.

Another Gawker hack, Ryan Tate, has been warning the world+dog that if you get any weird emails about him, it’s probably from a 4chan hacker trying to trick them. Normally we would have a fair bit of sympathy for hacks in trouble.

However, in this case, Gawker probably did not think things through too clearly. Firstly the attacks are not likely to have come from 4Chan.

Although the site gets a bit of publicity it is hardly hacker central, unless you are a reporter from Fox.

The fact that they were reported on the board does not exactly prove that members were involved. Lots of hacks get reported on that board.  We reported it, and we did not hack Gawker.

4Chan members have not claimed responsibility and some of them think that it might have been a hack-happy Gawker rival who then posted on 4Chan to cover themselves.   Gawker is up again now.