FTC warns 100 organisations they're putting people at risk

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said it has sent out nearly 100 letters to US organisations telling them information about their customers and employees has been shared on peer-to-peer file sharing networks.

The FTC said that the exposure of peoples’ personal data could well lead to the information being used to commit identity theft or fraud. It’s also investigating other companies with data available on P2P file sharing networks.

Jon Leibowitz, the chairman of the FTC said companies and institutions are vulnerable to serious P2P related breaches. Examples, he said, included drivers’ licences, financial records, social security numbers, and health related information.

Companies need to take more care to ensure data isn’t shared, he continued. The letters went out to local government, schools, small, medium and large corporations employing tens of thousands of people. Even though banks and financial organisations are not under the FTC’s jurisdiction, it sent letters out to some of those as well.

Unfortunately we do not know which organisations received the billet doux.