FTC takes down pirating, spam, ISP

The US Federal Trade Commission asked a judge to effectively kill off  the Internet Service Provider 3FN.

While some sites which run P2P piracy torrents get some degree of mourning  pro-file sharing sites, no one appears to miss the passing of 3FN.

According to the FTC,  the site specialised in spam, porn, botnets, phishing and all sorts of Web nastiness.

The ISP’s computer servers and other assets were seized and will be sold by a court and the operation has been ordered to give back $1.08 million to the FTC.

According to the FTC, 3FN, which does business as Triple Fiber Network, APS Telecom, APX Telecom, APS Communications, APS Communication and Pricewert,  “recruited and colluded with criminals” to “distribute harmful electronic content including spyware, viruses, trojan horses, phishing schemes, botnet command-and-control servers, and pornography featuring children, violence, bestiality, and incest.

Apparently 3FN advertised its services in the darkest corners of the Internet, including a chat room for spammers.

3FN shielded its criminal clientèle by ignoring take-down requests issued by the online security community, or shifting its criminal elements to other IP addresses.

The outfit deployed and operated botnets as well as recruited bot herders and hosted the Zombie command-and-control servers.

The FTC showed the court transcripts of instant-message logs from the defendants’ senior employees discussing the configuration of botnets with bot herders.

It claimed that more than 4,500 malicious software programs were controlled by command-and-control servers hosted by 3FN. This malware included programs capable of keystroke logging, password stealing, and data theft, programs with hidden backdoor remote control activity, and programs involved in spam distribution, the FTC said.

In June 2009,  when a court issued a preliminary injunction against 3FN, spam volumes dropped by about 15 percent.