French rugby site confused with German stock exchange

Some of the finest minds in the hacking community appear to have a problem spotting the difference between a fan site for a French rugby union team and the German stock-exchange.

The hackers, who appeared to be trying to make an Anti-Wall Street style protest against the German Dax site, ended up targeting site instead.

Allezdaz is a fansite for second division Dax rugby team in south-west France.

According to AP,  the site has been shut down for two weeks after the hackers did to it what the All Blacks did to the French side in the Rugby World Cup. It went from its modest 700 daily page hits to 80,000 and immediately surrendered.

One of the site admins said that its defences were totally inadequate and its backs could not cope with the hacker scrum.

One of the site’s administrators who gave his name as Stephane, told the France Bleu Gascogne radio station said the hackers had “insulted us copiously in German”, thinking they were something to do with the DAX, Germany’s blue-chip stock market index.

He said that having been attacked full-on by a young, spotty Teuton, the site is back with more security. It looks like the French have still not forgiven the Germans for the Franco-Prussian War, which to be fair, it started.

Still on the plus side the small fan site is now twice as popular as the Dax team’s official site and certainly more popular with the Greeks than the German stock market.