Foxconn hacked by SwaggSec

Hacking group Swagg Security said that it had broken into Foxconn’s network and found usernames and passwords for vendors that could be used to place fraudulent orders for companies like Apple and Microsoft.

Swagg Security said that it was “considerably disappointed” with the inhuman working conditions at Foxconn, although that did not appear to be the main reason for the hack.

It said that it was a hacktivist group but was a Greyhat organisation.

SwaggSec alleged that it had bypassed Foxconn’s firewall “almost flawlessly.” They dumped “most of everything of significance,” including usernames and passwords which “could allow individuals to make fraudulent orders under big companies like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Intel, and Dell.”

According to Apple Insider, Foxconn administrators took down SwaggSec said on Twitter it guessed “you guys made one too many orders”.

We had been expecting more hacks to target Foxconn after Apple fanboys the New York Times started to question if the company was an Apple sweatshop.

Today, protesters are expected to hold a demonstration outside of Apple’s Grand Central Terminal store. They will hand out petitions calling for Apple, one of Foxconn’s biggest clients, and Foxconn to improve working conditions.