Fingers pointed at China for Lockheed attack

Insecurity experts are convinced that the attack on Lockheed-Martin was carried out by someone in China.

One US official, who seemed to have problems with saying the word “China” told Reuters  that while it was unclear at this point precisely who conducted the attacks there was a “strong tendency” to look east. Apparently the prime suspect is a country that not so long ago hosted the Olympics.

Assuming he did not mean Greece, it is safe to say the only one with that track record is China.

Official and private US cyber-security told Reuters that forensic tracing of attacks that caused Lockheed temporarily to instruct employees to stop remote access to outfit networks was difficult.

But a US official involved with the investigation said there was increasing suspicion the Lockheed hack came from “someone in China.”

Lockheed said in a press statement that the attack was “significant and tenacious” but no data of any kind was compromised.

Hackers managed to get into the defense contractor’s networks using data nicked in March to reduce the effectiveness of SecureID tokens produced by EMC.

The Chinese government gets incredibily miffed if you happen to accuse it of hacking. It claims that it is the victim of hackers too and no one ever seems to care.