Fileshare hunting technology is hardly sophisticated

When the movie studios appear in court with evidence about who is filesharing, they always claim that identification is possible due to “superior” sniffing gear.

However Torrent Freak claims that many people have been bankrupted by evidence created by code that cost between $250 and $750.

 In Blighty one of the key outfits involved in this suing work is Terence Tsang who now works for ACS:Law. Tsang, previously worked on similar file-sharing cases with lawyers Davenport Lyons.

On his page Tsang has been advertising for someone to create a bit-torrent client which will obtain details about file sharers of certain torrents. He wrote that the server is Linux. The torrent client just needs to monitor IP addresses and take information which is then placed in a database.

The information needed is as follows: Host IP, Hit Date and time (GMT time), Provider network name (i believe whois search will help with this – can you think of a better way?), P2P Client, File name, File size, MD5 of file.

It is not clear if Tsang wanted the code on behalf of DL, ACS:Law or indeed himself for some kind of lone operation. But the job was awarded.

He apparently paid between $250 and $750.  We hope he got more than he paid for.