FBI raids hackerette's home

FBI agents have raided an Iowa woman’s home because of her connections to Lulzsec.

Laurelai Bailey, 29, found eight FBI agents shuffling around on the the doorstep of her Davenport, Iowa home.

She told Wired that the agents politely told her they weren’t there to arrest her but wanted to ask her some questions about hackers Bailey had been hanging out with online as part of an attack against the security firm HBGary.

She said that she chatted with them for five hours, during which she told them everything she knew. Bailey pointed out that this was the sort of thing the Feds could have found out themselves. Then they asked if she could infiltrate the group.

Unfortunately for the Untouchables, Bailey is now hated by Lulzsec after she leaked logs from the secret chat room in which they planned the HBGary hack.

She said that she did this because Lulzsec was harassing some of her friends. When the interview was over, the agents carted off a couple of her hard drives, her camera and other computer equipment.

Apparently the Untouchables were particularly interested in a member of Lulz Security who goes by the handle “Kayla.” “

Kayla was important in the HBGary attack and was a founding member of Lulz Security. She claims to he a 16-year-old girl although there are rumours that she is a 20-something guy from New Jersey.

Others have suggested that she is either Taiwanese, or actually a sockpuppet controlled by many different people.

Kayla is “friendly” but limits her exchanges mostly to public tweets.