FBI makes Syrian Electronic Army a public enemy

The FBI has decided that the Syrian Electronic Army is really a criminal organisation and has listed it on its wanted posters.

It’s an unusual move because the SEA is seen not as a hacker organisation, like LulzSec, but as a division of the Syrian army. It is loyal to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad if not directly under military control.

This means the FBI seems to be taking on another country’s military, something that you would expect the Pentagon to be more interested in doing.

Last week the SEA went too far and tinkered with the New York Times, which meant that Apple fanboys had no ready source of press releases from their favourite company.

The SEA also hit the Twitter feed of Associated Press, which led to a temporary stock market crash.

Normally acting as a paid police force for Big Content, the FBI Cyber Division unit has officially added  the pro-Assad hacker collective to its wanted list.

The FBI issued an advisory that included information about the SEA, its capabilities, and some of its more heinous attacks.

The advisory warns networks to be on the lookout for attacks, and that anyone found to be aiding the SEA will be seen as terrorists actively aiding attacks against US websites.