FBI investigates snooping school

The school at the centre of a civil lawsuit that alleges it spied on students using their own laptops is now facing a criminal investigation.

Lower Merion School District is in hot water after it told Blake Robbins off for using drugs in front of the spy cam on one of its borrowed laptops.

In fact the kid was eating sweets but the sort of outfit that believes it has the power to spy on people often sees what they want.

The school was surprised when the kid sued it, after all parents give US schools a lot of power over their children.

School officials told parents the district only activated the webcams to find missing laptops although it does not appear that Robbins told them his laptop was missing.

However this week it appears that the FBI is now opened an investigation on the allegations.

The untouchables will be looking to see if the school broke federal wiretap or computer-intrusion laws.

District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said that after reviewing the lawsuit and the news articles that have been printed he wanted to know if a criminal investigation is warranted.

Parents have been apparently bending his ear with further complaints and it seems likely that this surveillance was not an accidental one off.