FBI catches another Lulzsec man

The FBI have arrested a person it says was a member of the clandestine hacking group LulzSec on charges he took part in an extensive computer breach of the Sony studios.

Raynaldo Rivera, 20, of Tempe, Arizona, surrendered to US authorities. A federal grand jury decided there was enough evidence to charge him with conspiracy and unauthorised impairment of a protected computer.

According to Reuters he could get 15 years porridge if he is convicted.

Prosecutors said that Rivera and his LulzSec chums stole information from Sony Corp’s Sony Pictures’ computer systems in May and June 2011 using an “SQL injection” attack.

Rivera then helped to post the confidential information onto LulzSec’s website and announced the intrusion on Twitter.

The FBI’s evidence is based on a super-grass confession from Hector Monsegur and assistance from Cody Kretsinger, 24, a confessed LulzSec member who pleaded guilty in April to federal charges stemming from his role in the Sony attack.

LulzSec published the names, birth dates, addresses, emails, phone numbers and passwords of thousands of people who had entered contests promoted by Sony.

Sony said the breach cost it more than $600,000.