FACT destroyed filesharing site's servers, sent them back ruined

Inspector Knacker of the Yard and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) are in hot water after losing a court case and having to return the personal belongings and IT gear of two administrators of FileSoup.

It appears FACT had no intention of letting the filesharers get away with a court win, as the site’s equipment was wrecked while in custody. It returned unusable.

Given the state of how the gear was taken care of, the coppers and the Federation Against Copyright Theft seemed to think that PCs perform best when beaten with a monkey wrench.

Either that or they were so furious that they lost the case that they simply trashed it before giving it back. Having seen pictures of the state of the gear, one would think the latter.

Not only was some of the gear missing, but some of it even looked like it had been dragged through mud according to TorrentFreak

How the CPS could have mounted a case if the evidence was in this state is anyone’s guess. If you presented a broken server as evidence you would have been laughed out of court. Perhaps that was one of the reasons that the case was abandoned.

Not surprising the Admin, known to the world as Geeker, is jolly upset.

“Please do me a favour everyone… tell everybody you know about this, blog about it, tweet about it, facebook and myspace or wherever else you feel it might do some good, let the whole bloody world know exactly what these evil gits have done …and will probably keep on doing if something isn’t done to stop this kind of crap from happening and people and their property being treated like this!,” he said.

The police raid in 2009 was also extremely heavy handed. At the time Geeker complained that police and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) literally trashed his place.

Currently he is chatting to his lawyer to gets some legal advice. After all if FACT gets away with it, it will not ever have to win another court case.

All it will have to do is visit a suspected file sharing outfit’s place, trash it and it will never go online again. It does not even have to win a court case to shut down filesharers

If it does get away with it perhaps FileSoup should accuse FACT of something and carry out a similar technique to its servers.