Facebook security clanger reveals Mark Zuckerberg's boring life

Facebook’s army of programmers dropped a massive clanger after it emerged that private pictures of boss Mark Zuckerberg could be easily accessed directly through the site.

A step by step guide was posted on an online forum, bodybuilding.com, showing users how to navigate past security settings that stop users from accessing private photos.

And it seems that despite claims in the exaggerated Social Network, the private collection proved that Zuckerberg does not quite live a wild life of debauchery.  Unlike the private photos of most wealthy twenty-somethings there were no embarrassing or incriminating tagged photos of Zuckerberg gurning at all-night raves with eyes like saucers or sniffing lines off hookers.

Other than a snap alongside President Obama, Zuckerberg’s photos were rather more mundane, with pics uploaded of him preparing food and handing out sweets to kids on Halloween about as exciting as it gets. 

There was, however, a picture of enthusiastic carnivore Zuckerberg holding a live chicken, but we can only speculate as to whether it was to meet an untimely death at the hands of the CEO with a passion for killing his own dinner.  You can check out the photos posted on a blog here.

Images could be accessed by fiddling around with the system which allows users to flag content on other profiles as inappropriate.  Unfortunately for those wanting to have a snoop Facebook acted quickly to block access as soon as it became aware of the embarrassing gaffe.

Apparently Facebook attributed the mishap to a recent revision of its software, according to the Wall Street Journal.

However, the anonymous poster slammed Facebook’s supposedly crack team of programmers at how easy it was to hack into private content, calling it “simply terrible programming on Facebook’s part”.

The IT professional said it was inexcusable considering the legions of engineers and web developers working for the firm.