Eyjafjallajökull ash crisis erupts with scam emails

With the Volcanic ash saga not looking as though it’s going to settle anytime soon, hackers are adding to the misery, jumping on the bandwagon and coming up with scams.

Although there haven’t been as many as we would have thought, much of the research we have done shows that people are using this crisis to spread volcanic jokes, as the saga continues there will be a lot more coming out.

However, one of the biggest scams to date is an email, which is claimed to be sent from the Civil Aviation Authority. It says it can help passengers hit by the volcanic ash flight ban receive up to £2000 if they pay an admin fee.

According to Wrexham based website Scam Detectives, this is a scam “through and through” and people who pay the admin fee will never see a penny of the promised dosh.

The e-mails being circulated claim to be from “Frank Adam, chief consumer protection officer at the CAA,” and say compensation of £2,000 is available for those stranded by the Icelandic volcanic ash clouds, in return for the administration fee and personal details, including passport information.

But a spokesperson for the CAA told the BBC: “I can categorically say that this e-mail has nothing to do with us. It’s a scam – and we’ll be asking the police to investigate.”

Our advice? Delete the email and don’t part with any cash or passport information.

However it’s not just emails that are catching people out. Hackers have also taken to Facebook to try and fleece people out of their hard earned cash. The scam involves people hacking into accounts and posing as friends then asking users to send money. Investigators say one even claimed they were stranded in London because of the volcanic ash.