Ex London deputy mayor: hackers were to blame for my naked Facebook selfie

Former deputy mayor of London, Richard Barnes, has pinned the blame on “hackers” after a naked selfie was posted to his Facebook page.

In one photo, Barnes’ face is out of shot. But the viewer is presented with a photo of Barnes posing in front of a bedroom mirror, undressing from his white shirt and red braces, with his lower body exposed.

Barnes told the Evening Standard it was hackers to blame, not an iOS 7 blunder, as some pundits brandishing Occam’s razor have suggested.

“Have you ever been hacked?” Barnes asked, adding, “Well, I have been hacked. Someone’s got in there and put the picture up”. 

Although the pictures were quickly deleted from Facebook, screenshots had already spread like wildfire online. Readers can Google them if they must.

Speaking with the Metro, Barnes said: “I’m annoyed and shaking with anger. I’m a 65 year old gay man on his own, it’s not the sort of thing I do. Do you really think I would be that f***ing stupid after 30 years in politics?”

As everyone is aware, politics, scandal and embarrassment are very rarely linked.

Earlier this year, former congressman Anthony Weiner was the subject of scandal when his sexting under the pseudonym ‘Carlos Danger’  was revealed.

Barnes is a Conservative councillor in Hillingdon. He served as Boris Johnson’s deputy from 2008 to 2012.

Security expert Graham Cluley told TechEye: “It would certainly be unusual for a hacker to do this.

“What can people do to keep themselves safe from embarrassing blunders like this?  Keep their trousers on when they’re taking smartphone photographs,” Cluley said.