"Evil" hacker refused bail down under

A hacker from New South Wales, who used the handle “Evil”, has been refused bail because coppers fear he could go on the internet and destroy all the evidence related to his case.

According to the Aussie Press David Cecil had total control of one of the national broadband network’s service providers, Platform Networks, for nearly six weeks.

Court registrar Ailsa Ryder accepted the federal police argument that, if freed, Mr Cecil could potentially destroy evidence.

Coppers told the court that the 25-year-old,spent up to 20 hours a day on his home computer.

He has been hit with 50 offences connected to hacking Platform Networks.

Australian Federal Police national manager for High Tech Crime Operations, Neil Gaughan said that Platform Networks had strong cyber security measures in place.

In the end it was broken by one user with a weak password.

Cecil is an unemployed truck driver who taught himself how to use a computer.

Australian Federal Police officers fingered his collar after a seven-month investigation into computer crime,

Evil was supposed to have hacked several companies during that time, and police investigations are continuing.