Estonia drafts in computer geeks

Estonia is recruiting an army of computer geeks to defend itself during a cyberwar.

The move is almost four years after the country was subjected to a wave of cyber attacks in which hackers disabled the websites of government ministries, political parties, newspapers and banks.

According to the Daily Mail  it has taken the time to mobilise a dad’s army of programmers, computer scientists and software engineers.

The Cyber Defence League is a volunteer organisation that in wartime would function under unified military command. It is a bit like the Justice League of America only there is no Spandex

Defence Minister Jaak Aaviksoo told a local radio station that the League carries out regular weekend exercises ‘to prepare for possible cyber contingencies’. These exercises are simulated cyber attacks rather than press ups. It would be jolly difficult to recruit a geek if he had to go outside without his vest on.

Estonian geeks are more than willing to help strengthen their electronic defences. The country has vivid memories of what it is like to be occupied by a foreign army. It was occupied by the Soviet Army in 1939, Germany in 1931 and the Soviet Union until 1991.

Aaviksoo said there was a long tradition of insurgent activity against an occupying force sits deep in the Estonian understanding of fighting back.

More than 80 percent of Estonia does its banking online and it’s is one of the most electronically connected in the world.

Aaviksoo that if computer experts did not sign up then he was thinking of introducing a conscript service.