Epsilon data breach hits Hilton, Barclays and 48 others

Another day, another data breach. This time from the seed fund behind a socialite’s bar tab, Hilton Worldwide.

Its third party marketing partner, Epsilon, warned it that there had been a breach of sorts. It insists financial and other sensitive details are unaffected but names and e-mail addresses have been farmed. We reported on the breach yesterday.

Hilton says that the most likely impact, if any, will be unsolicited emails. It suggests a couple of handy tips to counter its marketing vendor’s security inadequacies – don’t share personal information by email or open weird messages from strangers.

Be cautious, as always, of phishing scams. Hilton won’t ask for those details, etc., etc., etc.,. 
Hilton said Epsilon’s just one of a group of companies affected by the breach. 

But it has turned out that “approximately two percent” of all of its clients were struck, which makes up about 50. The incident, Epsilon said, occurred on the 30th and that a “full investigation is currently underway”.

It seems top hitters may have been targeted, with Barclays, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Lacoste and Marriott all issuing warnings, according to CIO magazine. D’oh.