Employee tried to sabotage terror database

A techie who was working for the US Transportation Security Administration was so miffed that he was made redundant he tried to sabotage a US security database that holds sensitive information used for screening air travellers.

According to the US Justice Deparment Douglas Duchak, 46, had worked at a Transportation Security Administration operations centre for five years.

He was responsible for updating its computers with data from the Terrorist Screening Database and the US Marshal’s Service Warrant Information Network.

The database is what security looks at when it is making your life a misery before a long Atlantic flight. It is supposed to prevent people who pose a threat from boarding commercial flights before their underpants start smoking..

Duchak was told he would be terminated in October 2009 and about a week before his last day, he tried to load malicious code into TSA servers.

Apparently he did not have much luck as the database was not compromised. However since he was hacking into a tool that is used to defend the Land of the Free from those it might have miffed, he faces having the book thrown at him from a great height.

He could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $500,000 or he could get off with crucifixion for a first offence.  Just as well he was not looking for UFOs – it could be much worse.