Duqu virus tips up in Iran

Iran has said that the Duqu computer virus has appeared in the country – which many insecurity analysts think it was probably designed to attack.

Duqu is based on Stuxnet, which was designed to destroy the country’s nuclear sites.

The head of Iran’s civil defence organisation told the official IRNA news agency that computers at all main sites at risk were being checked and that Iran had developed software to combat the virus.

Gholamreza Jalali said that Iran was in the initial phase of fighting Duqu.

The report said that it was not clear yet which which organisations had seen the virus and what its impact had been.

Jalali said that all the organisations and centers that could be susceptible to contamination are under control. 

Duqu was discovered in October when security software maker Symantec said it had found a mysterious virus that contained code similar to Stuxnet.

Unlike Stuxnet, which was aimed at crippling industrial control systems, Duqu is designed to gather data to make it easier to launch future cyber attacks.

Iran said in April it had been targeted by a second computer virus which it dubbed “Stars”. Some wondered if Stars and Duqu were related, but Jalali described Duqu as the third virus to hit Iran.