Don't trust Microsoft with your data, ex employee warns

People should be very careful about trusting Microsoft anywhere near their personal data, a former employee has warned.

Caspar Bowden, a privacy analyst who left the software giant in 2011, said that he does not trust the company after the Snowden leaks about online government surveillance.

Bowden said that, in the past, he had some difficulty making anyone else in the EU understand his concerns.

Talking to the Metro, he said he approached many of the European authorities with his concerns and they just shrugged. After the Edward Snowden leaks proving him right, he is suddenly in demand as a pundit.

Microsoft and other internet giants have been fighting a public backlash after former National Security Agency contractor Snowden proved they were handing over user data to a US surveillance program called Prism.

The Vole has denied allegations that the NSA can directly access its servers.

But Bowden has stopped using Microsoft products in favour of open source software and has not owned a mobile phone for two years.

He did not know about Prism when he was at Microsoft, even though questions of privacy should have crossed his desk. He does not trust Microsoft now.

Bowden has called for the creation of an ‘EU cloud’ and said users should be warned when they log on to services based in the US that they may be under surveillance.