Developers hope stripping pixel girl will boost web security

In a bid to make online banking even more appealing to the shut-in, developers at Platform45 have invented a password field that rewards users with taking the clothes off a roughly 36 x 36 pixellated girl.

It’s easy to bung “Naked Password” on your website. All you have to do is stick in a couple of lines of code with a publicly accessible image folder. Users will be “rewarded” as the more complex your password is, the more pixellated cartoon skin you get to see.

There’s a demo available on the website, here

Naked Password is either cynically suggesting that geeks can be enticed into excellent password protection or a tongue-in-cheek way to leverage web security, we’re not sure.

Using it, we discovered that the mere utterance of “Steve Ballmer” into a password field has a girl’s clothes literally disappear. She gladly hangs around in just her pants. “Bill Gates” has the same effect as does “Steve Jobs” which we suspect is not the hot topic of Apple’s conference this week. “Léo Apotheker” is a winner too, but poor old Mark Hurd only convinces the girl to take her jeans and top off, but at least he’s likely to buy her dinner.