Dell launches Firefox-based KACE Secure Browser

Dell has today launched its KACE Secure Browser, which is a virtualised and uber-secure version of Firefox which prevents the spread of viruses and malware to the operating system.

The new browser, based on Firefox v3.6, is intended as a solution to the growing problem of viruses, malware, and hacking attempts via the web. It aims to “proactively contain threats before they become a problem”.

Its main feature is that it runs in a virtual instance, which means it’s kept completely seperate from the operating system. Any changes made to or through it are contained, or quarantined, which prevents web attacks spreading from the browser to the rest of the computer.

There’s also a panic button which allows changes made via the browser, such as the installation of malware, to be wiped with a single click, further protecting the user’s machine.

It comes with Adobe Reader and Flash plug-ins pre-installed and has a whitelist and blacklist feature for granting or preventing access to certain websites, which adds another layer of security.

“Internet browsing is one of the number one sources for malware,” said Rob Meinhardt, co-founder and president of Dell KACE. “With the Dell KACE Secure Browser, we stop malware at its source and trap it, and even provide granular control over browser activity.”

The Secure Browser can also be centrally deployed and managed with the Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance. This may be particularly useful for businesses, as it allows remote resetting or terminating of any instance of the browser operating on the network, which can prevent the potential spread of a virus.

“Even with our web filtering technology, we still regularly encounter situations where users are tricked into installing malicious software,” said Andrew Peercy, Administrator of IT Operations at BattleGround Academy. “With the Dell KACE Secure Browser, we will be able to blacklist known sites and processes, but even if we miss something, the malicious installation can be quickly and easily cleaned from a system with the press of a button.”

The web browser is available now for free through the Dell KACE website.