Cyber war game shuts down the United States

A simulated war game has demonstrated the lack of the ability of the US administration to react fast to cyber attacks.

Yesterday, the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) conducted a simulation called Cyber ShockWave and included a number of White House, Cabinet and national security officials – people who would advise the President of the US if such an attack occurred. A former CIA director, Michael Hayden, coordinated the staging of the war game,

The simulation focused on the attack turning tens of millions of smartphones and computers into a coordinated botwork to shut down the internet in the US.

According to the Washington Post, the US government didn’t have the authority to quarantine mobile phones.

The war game demonstrated a scenario where monitors showed networks and electric power failing. The worst case included 40 million people with their power cut off, Wall Street shut, and 60 million mobile phones not working any more.

Senior officials said that legislation was needed to provide for defence against a cyber attack, while private organisations were totally unprepared for such a scene to be played out in reality.

The Washington Post article is here.