Cyber hitman hired by movie industry

The movie industry is paying Indian cyber hitmen to “take out” sites that it does not like.

Of course it does this without a court order or a warrant, but these guys are destroying the industry – right?

Girish Kumar, managing director of Aiplex Software, a firm in India, told AP that he was being hired to launch cyber attacks on sites hosting pirated movies that don’t respond to copyright infringement notices.

Kumar said 95 percent of sites hosting illegal movies co-operated with notices, however sites that hosted torrents used primarily for illegal content did not.

His company trawled the net to find movies uploaded, finds the hosting server and sends them a copyright infringement notice.

They get a second notice and if they do not remove it, his company would launch what is known as a denial-of-service  attack on the offending computer server.

DoS attacks, for whatever reason are totally illegal in most countries.

Sites are never warned that they will get a DoS attack if they don’t do what the movie industry says.

To be fair, most of Kumar’s clients are in the Indian movie industry but he claimed that US outfits used his services too.

He named Fox STAR Studios which is a joint venture outfit which operates in India.