Cyber experts warn intelligent cyber weapons are on the way

NATO’s Cyber Defence Center held its fourth annual conference on Thursday, giving security experts the unique opportunity to scare the bejesus out of military experts.

Cyber experts found that rapid advances in cyber war technology could result in a new generation of “intelligent cyber weapons” and the new weapons could be all but unstoppable, AFP reports.

NATO IT expert Enn Tyugu believes that the new weapons will not only be hard to stop, but they will also be hard to control by their users. However, Tyugu is not talking about Skynet, but rather about malware attacks like Stuxnet.

“They are quite autonomous, and can operate independently in an unfriendly environment and might at some point become very difficult to control. That can lead to cyber conflict initiated by these agents themselves,” Tyugu said.

Head of the NATO Cyber Defence Centre Ilmar Tamm stressed that Stuxnet and Flame have demonstrated a new form of cyber threats which will be bringing a lot of challenges to all security experts. He added that the number of “cyber conflicts” is rising and that it is important to know how to classify events and participants.

However, US cyber defence expert Kenneth Geers told the gathering that the most powerful cyber weapon today is a bit more down to earth – it is good old propaganda.