Creationists use DMCA to silence critics

People who believe that children should be brainwashed into a literal interpretation of the Biblical view of creation have been using US copyright law to stop people taking the mickey out of them.

The Discovery Institute is apparently so miffed that people make jokes about it on YouTube  that it has accused its critics of piracy in cyberspace.

Using a law which is supposed to protect people from having their content published online, the Discovery Institute issued a DMCA take down notice against a YouTube video which mocks their insistence that evolution never happened and God made humanity in his own image.

The DCMA is issued on the basis that the video which took the Michael used the name of the Discovery Institute in vain and was in breach of the outfit’s trademark.

We are not sure who is advising the Discovery Institute on US trademark law, but it is probably the same loony who tells them that God looks in the mirror every day and sees a right wing born again Christian looking back.