Cops can crack a smartphone in minutes

A Swedish insecurity company is making a killing selling smartphone hacking software to the world’s police.

Micro Systemation, which is based in Stockholm, claims it can make meat balls of the smartphone security. Anyone can be in an iPhone within two minutes.

The company published a video on YouTube showing how its software, dubbed XRY, can quickly crack an iOS or Android phone’s passcode, dump its data to a PC, decrypt it, and display information like the user’s GPS location, files, call logs, contacts, messages, even a log of its keystrokes.


Mike Dickinson, the firm’s marketing director,  said that the company sells products capable of accessing passcode-protected iOS and Android devices in over 60 countries.

He has apparently sold the software to 98 percent of the UK’s police. Its biggest customer is the US military which identifies people by looking at mobile phones.

Micro Systemation is laughing all the way to the bank. It has grown by 25 percent a year and earned $18 million in revenue in 2010 up from $12 million the year before, and doubled its employees since 2009.

XRY is based on a jailbreak hack that allow users to remove the installation restrictions on their devices.

The iPhone has a huge hole which he is not talking about in case Apple closes it. Micro Systemation does not use backdoor vulnerabilities in the devices created by the manufacturer.

The company says it sits down every week and reverse engineers each phone. In the case of the iPhone, the tool “brute forces” the phone’s password and guesses  every possible combination of numbers to find the correct code.

Users who set longer passcodes for devices can in fact make the devices far tougher to crack, he told Forbes.