Conservative hacker turns protesters' details over to the FBI

A conservative security expert, who is terrified that the Occupy Wall Street movement is part of a conspiracy to overthrow the lizards, has been helping the FBI and NYPD hunt down organisers.

We would not have thought that the NYPD would have had much difficulty finding Occupy Wall Street protesters. After all, they are encamped in Wall Street where they can be safely pepper sprayed.

But Thomas Ryan thinks the cops need more help and brags on his bog that he leads a team called Black Cell. This outfit is attempting to discredit Occupy Wall Street by monitoring organisers’ social media accounts, and hanging out with protesters in Lower Manhattan.

According to Gawker,  Ryan claims he’s done contract work for the US Army and he is defending the world from an anarchist conspiracy to disrupt global markets.

To save the world from the anti-lizards, he has been forwarding information to the NYPD and FBI, including special agent Jordan Loyd.  Loyd himself has gone on record saying the Occupy Wall Street movement is a huge threat to the world’s financial system.

One of the only problems for Ryan is that the Occupy Wall Street movement is benign and most of its emails seem to relate to concerns about keeping their yoghurt cool and needing  to increase union participation in the protest.

In one case he forwarded another email thread to Agent Loyd where a demonstration outside NYPD headquarters was planned. In the thread, organisers debated whether to crash an upcoming press conference planned by marijuana advocates to celebrate NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly ordering officers to halt arrests over possession of small amounts of marijuana. The idea was to highlight the video of NYPD officer Anthony Bologna pepper-spraying a protester.

It looks like Ryan was telling companies they were about to be targeted by protests.

Ryan has denied being an informant and sent the the emails to Loyd unsolicited simply because “everyone’s curious” about Occupy Wall Street, and he had a ground-eye view.

According to Occupy Wall Street organiser David Graeber, the forums are just talking shops. Most of the real practical work is done face to face.  There is really nothing for Ryan to hack.

Ryan said that his respect for FDNY & NYPD stems from them risking their lives to save his when his house was on fire in Sunset Park when he was eight.  He also loves them because they risked their lives and saved many of his  family and friends during 9/11.

He claimed that protesters were only targeting the ones with Black Ribbons, given to them for their bravery during 9/11. He is certain there is a pattern behind it all and he is determined to get to the bottom of it. It looks like right wing conspiracy theorists are just as nutty as the left-wing conspiracy theorists.