Computer hacking scandal rocks the Tour de France

An arrest warrant has been issued for former Tour de France winner Floyd Landis for attempting to hack into a lab computer at a facility run by the country’s anti-doping agency.

Landis was stripped of his title when, after his surprise win in 2006, it emerged that he had been using illegal synthetic testosterone.

French judge Thomas Cassuto has issued the arrest warrant after the lab where Landis’ uine was tested and he was found guilty of doping, was hacked in September 2006.

French police say that although Landis was not charged at the time, the hacks were clearly designed to discredit the drug tests that had proved his testosterone use.

The American 34-year-old went on to claim in 2006 that computer files were mishandled and erased on his drug test at his hearing, but was still stripped of his fetching yellow jacket and Tour de France title.

“Landis used the hacked files for his defence, that’s how we discovered the whole scheme,” said Pierre Bordry, France’s anti-doping chief told Reuters. “He wanted to show that the lab made mistakes in the handling of the tests.”


The judge also issued a national warrant for Arnie Baker, a retired doctor and longtime Landis coach and adviser, the prosecutor’s office said.