Computer crim tried to rat on his cat

A Florida techie paedophile had a go at blaming all the kiddie porn that coppers found on his computer system, on his cat.

Keith Griffin, 49, claimed to be gob smacked when Inspector Knacker of the Jensen Beach yard banged on his door. The coppers were very interested in a file sharing site which was distributing child porn.

Griffin said that he had seen porn accidentally while using Limewire but he would “usually delete” it. Asked if anyone else could have set up such a site he said there was only really his teenage son or the cat.

He told them that “sometimes he would leave the computer on and his cat would jump on the keyboard and he would come back to the computer and find strange things on it.”

Griffin, who was no Blofeld, did not want to elaborate how his moggie turned to file-sharing without opposable thumbs or how it would set up a site which distributed child and not kitten porn.

We guess he was too terrified of grassing up his cat. You don’t mess with cats, they can come into your room at night and steal your breath or just leave a dead mouse in your shoe.

Needless to say the Judge did not buy his yarn about paedophile cats and sentenced him to 12 years porridge.

The cat was not charged or even cautioned. We guess it had a better lawyer. Cats usually do.