Colorado town wants to sell drone hunting licences

The Colorado town of Deer Trail is seriously considering plans to issue hunting licences that would allow locals to hunt and shoot down US government drones.

As outlandish as it sounds, the report comes from Forbes, not The Onion.

The ordinance was proposed by Deer Train resident Phillip Steel and he even worked out a compensation scheme. Anyone who shoots off a piece of the drone would get $25, while trigger happy yokels who bag an entire drone would get $100.

The technical details have been worked out as well, which means Steel gave his proposal quite a bit of thought. We find this genuinely surprising. Only drones flying below 1,000 feet can be shot at and the only weapons permitted are 12-gauge shotguns or their smaller siblings. Of course, Government drones rarely operate at a few hundred feet and even if they did the chances of hitting one flying at 1,000 feet with a shotgun are miniscule. 

Steel told a Denver TV station that he never saw a drone overfly Deer Trail and said the ordinance is symbolic in nature. With a population of 546, the town doesn’t appear to be a prime target for evil government killer robots. On the other hand, reality doesn’t really apply to right-wing conspiracy circles who believe a Kenyan-born socialist Muslim is out to get them. 

The fact that drones can be used for things other than incinerating people with Hellfire missiles doesn’t seem to register in rural America. Drones can be used to nab criminals, watch out for forest fires and intercept smugglers, but many people are worried about the scope for intrusion.