Citizens, some of them, call for IE6 to be scrapped

A number of people have signed a petition on the UK government web site calling for departments and agencies to upgrade from IE6. That follows the government’s pledge to stick with the Microsoft browser, which we first reported here.

Lord West of Spithead said that it was sticking by Internet Explorer – and that government IE users benefit from additional security measures.

The petition had only attracted 317 signatures at press time, so the good lord of Spithead may not be a Frithead by the prospect.

The petition calls on the UK government to follow the lead of France and Germany. It continues that software developers are forced by government department clients to build websites for IE6 when most of the industry has moved on.

Apparently EOL for IE6 has been extended to 2014 by governments and businesses that don’t want to upgrade.

“This cycle should be broken and innovation and security given their proper place,” it ends.