Citigroup admits colossal bank hack

Mammoth US bank Citigroup has put its hands up and admitted to an enormous hack that has compromised hundreds of thousands of customer bank details.

Spinsters at the organisation carefully said only one percent of its card customers may have had their details compromised, but with roughly 21 million customers in the US alone,  that’s a lot of people.

The FT, which got the scoop, says Citigroup’s report that only credit card accounts were broken into may be inaccurate – with some of the paper’s sources confirming that debit card details had been breached. Customers weren’t aware until they tried using their cards over the weekend, which were declined.

Exposed details include names, account numbers and e-mail addresses, but Citigroup claims date of birth, security codes and social security numbers are not at risk. 

Citigroup seems to be drip feeding as little information as it can get away with. It says it’s working with the law to get to the bottom of the case and that it has bolstered its fraud systems. It will be too little too late for a minimum 210,000 customers. 

The attack follows other high profile, calculated strikes. Lockheed Martin fell victim to a cyber offensive, though Homeland Security said the damage was minimal but the event was significant. Fingers were pointed toward the east.

Damage may not be minimal to RSA, which saw its stolen tokens used to access Lockheed Martin. It is likely to find itself short of kudos as its impenetrable security systems begin to appear rather more penetrable.