Cisco boss, and former spook, makes finding leaker "a hobby"

A former CIA operations officer turned Cisco vice president of services, Mike Quinn, is reverting to his old skills to track down a corporate whistleblower.

According to Network World, a person inside Cisco leaked an internal company memo to a blogger and Quinn feels they have committed “corporate treason” and violated a “family” trust.  It sounds like he wants to take the bloke to some forest outside Berlin and deal with matters with a bullet to the back of the head.

The email, meant for salespeople, outlined Cisco’s internal response about a series of Network World stories examining a host of bidding and contract questions which was stuffing up the California higher education system and Cisco’s involvement.

Ironically, Quinn’s response, in an email sent to Cisco employees, was also leaked to the same blogger who published the original leak.

In the email Quinn invites the anonymous leaker to voluntarily step forward, concedes that such a confession is unlikely, and adds he will now make finding the leaker his hobby.

He warned that the leaker might want to ask around and he will find out that he likes to work on his hobbies.

Quinn said that the person or persons whom felt it was cool or correct to share this internal memo should now have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and admit that they did this, then resign.

He told the leaker that every two weeks Cisco puts the groceries on his or her table every two weeks and not the IT press.

Comments on the blog post describe Quinn’s email as “unprofessional,” “threatening,” “laughable,” “hilarious” and even a possible violation of whistleblower protection law.