CIA cooks up Wikileaks Task Force – WTF is going on?

US spooks have once again demonstrated that their fingers are on the pulse of cutting edge technology by setting up a committee to combat Wikileaks.

Since the US military is fond of acronyms they thought that the Wikleaks Task Force or WTF had a nice ring to it.

Many Americans would like to know WTF the agency will get up to with their tax dollars after all it is not named the WTAM.

CIA spokesman George Little said that the Wikileaks Task Force will “examine whether the latest release of WikiLeaks documents might affect the agency’s foreign relationships or operations.” In short, WTF is going on in foreign parts in response to Wikileaks.

Actually the CIA has little involvement with the thousands of confidential documents leaked by WikiLeaks as most of them were from high ranking diplomats rather than the spooks.

The task force will be headed by the Counterintelligence Center. It counters intelligence.

Its job will be to make a list of the leaked cables, report on the impact of the leaks, particularly regarding the ability to recruit of informants, a source who asked not to be named said.

Some of the leaked documents originated on the SIPRNET, or Secret internet Protocol Router Network, which is a Wikipedia for the Spooks in different branches of the agency so they know WTF is going on.