China to bring in location detection for mobile phones

The Glorious People’s Republic of China has decided that it is important for every worker’s mobile phone to tell the state exactly where they are at any given second.

Workers will be over the moon to discover that a plan being developed in Beijing, which was never the place of any massacre of any students, where the scheme is being piloted.

Of course evil Imperialist hyenas of the Capitalist press might claim that the glorious leaders of the Communist Party want to know where all their citizens are in “real time” so that they will know if they are doing anything to overthrow the glorious regime.

However, TechEye is reassured by the official Government Gazette,  which says that nothing could be further from the truth. What the Glorious Party Leaders want is for the scheme to create real-time dynamic information to ease congestion and improve the efficiency of public travel.

The highly educated geniuses of the Beijing Science and Technology Committee have developed the system as part of its “dynamic travel information platform of Beijing citizens” project.

Science and Technology Commission’s Li Guoguang, who is the Glorious Deputy Director of Social Development implementation plan said that more than 70 percent of “Beijing workers use mobiles.”

This gives a large database to track the movements of Chinese commuters on their way to work.

Each phone will automatically be registered in the base station. According to the signal from the base station, the staff can easily determine the user’s distance and general direction.

His boffins can use the data to target specific areas and population distribution of people at different times and how the flow of people travel, to get a good picture of commuting patterns.

It will be possible to tell which people are in the metro or bus and other transport, and if the line of traffic is too large.

Li Guoguang said that this data will help Beijing achieve further optimisation of its transit network.

Beijing will select 50 000 people every five years to conduct a travel survey. Of course if these 50,000 people happen to think that the people’s revolution was not really a good idea and it might be better to have a democracy, then it will be handy to know where they are.