China steps up Gmail monitoring

The Glorious People’s Revolutionary Government of China has stepped up its hunt against the evil enemas of the state by increasing surveillance against Google’s Gmail.

Apparently Chinese Gmail users started to notice that it was getting a lot harder to look at their Gmail accounts.

Gmail users are complaining on Chinese microblogs that the service has been slow or inaccessible.

A spokesperson for Google however spoke very literally when she explained the problem to IDG.

What she said was the service was having no “technical” difficulties and there is nothing “technically” wrong on our side, so you will have to ask the government as it is clearly an issue on their end.

It would appear that China is now intercepting Gmail content before it is sent out and this could be seen as the people behind the Great Firewall increasing their activity.

There have been concerns from the Chinese that political upheaval in the Middle East might be caught by its workers. Chinese microblogs are barred from searching for the term “Jasmine,” for example, following calls by activists abroad for China to hold its own “Jasmine Revolution.”

Twitter and Facebook are completely blocked and Chinese have to visit official social media sites that comply with Beijing’s strict censorship laws.

But Gmail was a weird island of freedom in the midst of it all, despite being hacked by China last year.