China must gear up for cyber war

China must prepare itself for a cyber push by the US powers, a military paper for the country has said today.

The encouragement by the Ministry of Defence of the People’s Republic of China paper comes just a day after Henry Kissinger proposed that the two countries should cosy up and come to some sort of cyber agreement.

At the time the US Statesman told Reuters that Washington and Beijing both had significant espionage capabilities and they should come to an agreement before it all came to a head.

However, the paper thinks that China should strengthen its defences claiming that the pair could end up in a cyber fight. It said an attack could occur after US accusations that Beijing may have launched a string of internet hacking attacks.

In particular these accusations centre around a claimed intrusion into the security networks of Lockheed Martin Corp and other US. military contractors. However, the paper has now said that China should be watching its back as it is under attack by the Pentagon.

It said that an internet was “being pushed to a stormy peak.” It added that as a result
it should “accelerate” its internet defence development and “make steps to make a strong internet army.

The paper, which isn’t the official voice of the government, added that China had to move to  accelerate development of internet battle technology and armament as well as comprehensively improve the military’s ability to “defend the internet frontiers.”